With Delaware County Council hovering like buzzards ready to swoop in to takeover DELCORA, they’ve made a move to not go down without a fight according to the Philadelphia Inquirer

The Delaware County Regional Water Quality Control Authority, or DELCORA, filed for a preliminary injunction to block the takeover attempt ahead of Wednesday’s scheduled vote by the County Council to terminate the authority and to assume operations under the county’s control.

Time is of the essence for DELCORA. With the courthouse operating with a skeleton staff and judges working via video streams, and, Election Day thrown in the mix, receiving a court date may prove to be more challenging than getting an injunction.

County Council seems unphased by any of this and states…

…that it would move ahead with plans to dissolve DELCORA and return the authority to its “rightful owners,” the people of Delaware County.

Maybe the correct language would be they will keep the authority with the people of Delaware County since it’s still a Delaware County Authority until the sale is approved. But, who worries about semantics at this point in the game?