Welcome to another quiet campaign season in Chester for the primary election held today. How do candidates expect anyone to vote for them when they don’t even come out and ask for your vote. There’s no debate. There’s no public endorsements of either candidate from anyone. Maybe there’s a single mailer to the house. Lawn signs go up a week before election day. 

I’m not sure if candidates are broke, lazy, confident, or just taking us voters for granted. There’s no gauge to sense if the Chester community is satisfied with their political leaders or are itching for a change. It’s just another quiet election season. 

This primary election is so different than all the other elections for so many reasons. First, it’s been rescheduled for today because of the coronavirus. The virus is responsible for shrinking the number of polling places to less than half. Everyone had an opportunity to vote by mail. The results are bound to take a few days and maybe up to a week to become official. 

After folks get frustrated today learning their polling place is moved, closed, or isn’t working right, there will be a lot more mail-in voters for November’s election. Candidates should recognize they can’t wait until a week before election to start campaigning because many people will have mailed in their vote long before then. 

I’ve done my best to post information about the election, the candidates, the mail-in process, and the polls being closed, but I can see these posts didn’t get any traction, reads, shares, or comments. Maybe next time I’ll use of picture of a Chester funeral or of Rondae to get folks to pay attention.

Candidate don’t think the readers of this blog vote, so none of them reached out to campaign here. The last candidate featured on this blog in a general election became a county judge last year. There were two candidates who came to me before I started blogging in 2010 and was featured in the Chester Spotlight paper. That makes a total of 3 Chester candidates in the past 14-years have used Chester hyper-local journalism to campaign to the people this platform targets. I guess that’s a campaign strategy. 

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