Media, PA, January 10, 2022 – Media Fellowship House in partnership with the Media Area Branch NAACP holds its 33rd annual Martin Luther King Birthday Commemoration and Spirit Hall of Fame Awards on Sunday, January 16th from 3:00-4:30pm.

Honoring Dr. King’s legacy and work to ‘create a world free of injustice,’ this year’s virtual event will join voices across the country to send a strong message to protect and strengthen voting rights. Two community heroes will be inducted into the MLK Spirit Hall of Fame: Dr. Ala Stanford of the Black Doctor’s Consortium and the Dr. Ala Stanford Center for Health Equity and Dr. Samuel M. Lemon of Neumann University. The keynote speaker will be PA State Representative, Joanna McClinton with musical guests Ashli Rice and Crimson Sun.

This year’s event is a call to action to pass the John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act. “In accordance with the King Center recommendation, we will ‘speak and act in a way to ensure that this nation lives up to its promise of democracy,’” shared MFH Board President James Mason. “We will honor Dr. King by helping to fulfill his dream. We will organize and mobilize. We will speak out and speak up. Our voices will be heard.”

The MLK Spirit Hall of Fame, launched by MFH in 2018, honors local and national leaders, past and present, who reflect the values of Dr. King. This year, two individuals join a collection of eighteen existing inductees who serve as role models for all who find value in their lives, accomplishments and commitment to advocacy for justice.

Since its founding in 1944, MFH remains committed to celebrating differences and finding common ground through fair housing, education, and racial justice advocacy work. MFH proudly partners with the Media Area Branch NAACP in its quest for first class citizenships for all minority groups.

Please join us for this virtual event, live-streamed on the MFH YouTube channel for general public viewing. For more information about the MLK Spirit Hall of Fame and to register for the virtual MLK Birthday Commemoration, please visit