It’s not everyday I get a front row seat to view legislative actions that impact the entire state of Pennsylvania.

I was invited to attend a press conference featuring Gov. Tom Wolf but was later un-invited because I’d don’t posses anything close to a press credential other than a business card. 

I had to be in Media at 2pm yesterday, so I figured they’d either let me in to join the 11:30am press conference with Gov Wolf or I’d cash in on the consolation prize of lunch at Bittersweet before my 2pm-er. I was almost disappointed to be let into the press conference because most of these events are so basic, regular, and boring. Not this one. A lot of great information was shared and the exchange of questions and answers were intense, unpredictable, and somewhat unusual. 

Granted, this normally wouldn’t be an event I’d cover, and I knew I’d be counting on the real journalists in the room to report on what was being said. I took some photos and listened intently. Below you’ll find my pics with a few quotes from the Daily Times and Inquirer newspapers.

The press conference consisted of Gov. Tom Wolf joining Delaware County officials to defend the freedom of Pennsylvanians to vote and denounce efforts in the legislature to create barriers to voting. The governor is urging the legislature to support commonsense election reforms that build on the landmark, bipartisan election law passed in 2019.

One newspaper described the event as the battle to shape public opinion over Pennsylvania Republicans’ proposed election overhaul which intensified yesterday, as Gov. Tom Wolf (D) called it an attack on voting rights and GOP lawmakers crashed the event in Delaware County Council chambers to demand he negotiate as Republicans call the bill an important, top-to-bottom upgrade of an election code that dates to 1937, parts of which were revised in a major 2019 law that greatly expanded mail voting

Governor Tom Wolf

“Bad faith actors continue to spread lies about the safety and accuracy of our voting system.”

Acting Secretary of State Veronica Degraffenreid

“…the state has already made great strides to ensure election security and integrity, including new machines that keep a paper record of votes and close collaboration between state and federal officials to verify information is correct.”

Sen. Tim Kearney, D-26 of Swarthmore

“HB 1300 does include some good reforms, but make no mistake: This bill is a Trojan horse for voter suppression.”

Sen. Sharif Street, D-3 of Philadelphia

“…both state and federal courts found no systemic fraud in the state following the 2020 Presidential Election. Continued assertions to the contrary are intended only to sow doubt about future elections.”

State Rep. Margo Davidson, D-164 of Upper Darby

“…another step in the march to dismantle our democracy through frivolous investigation and legislative suppression.”

County Councilwoman Christine Reuther

“Delaware County installed 41 drop boxes last year. The proposed legislation would limit that number to just five for the county and drastically reduce the time frame that they could be used.”

State Rep. Seth Grove, R-196 of York, chair of the House State Government Committee

“We’ve put out a comprehensive package that increases accessibility, tightens security and modernizes our election system to the benefit of the voters.”