No, that’s not the title of a new children’s book. 

Congresswoman Mary Gay Scanlon actually drove into the Bennett Homes ‘horseshoe’ to visit The Bennett Farm as part of the congresswoman’s tour of the 5th District to highlight the Senior Farmers Market Nutrition Program and WIC Farmers Market Nutrition Program.

Bennett Farm46
L-R: Congresswoman Mary Gay Scanlon, Steve Fischer, Natania Schaumburg

Being the professional quarantiner that I am, in a rare moment of social interaction, my camera and I made an appearance out the house to see the progress of Chester’s largest community garden. I can’t say how sad I am that this is the first summer after the passing of Michael Gray. It’s tough not seeing his ‘I Can I Will’ community garden not in full bloom just a couple blocks away. 

Despite all that, it was fun hanging out for a change. While waiting for the Congresslady to arrive, I got to chat with a couple of my favorite local journalists, Colin Ainsworth and Lorraine Lavender-Sams, and chatting with Chester Housing Authority’s Executive Director Steve Fischer is always a treat. 

Bennett Farm01

My camera got excited at all the activity with folks packing and loading boxes of fruit, vegetables and flowers for the drive-by and walk-up consumers, and also seeing a crew working the farms and tending to the proper cultivation of free food for community consumption.

Farm Manager Natania Schaumburg and I spoke briefly and she mentioned how much the space had grown since the last time I was there about 3-years ago. I could only agree. 

Bennett Farm42

I have no idea what the Congresslady said while she was there. I’m not the interviewing type of guy and left shortly after she arrived, but stay tuned to the local press who covered the event like real journalist do. Regardless, I’m extremely happy to see Congresswoman Scanlon visit Chester when she’s not hanging out in the nation’s capitol impeaching Presidents or voting on pandemic relief bills. 

I’m sort of surprised no one from Chester City government was there to welcome her, but the city probably doesn’t need any favors out of D.C. anyway. 

Bennett Farm10