The Delaware County Daily Times thought they were taking an artsy photo in today’s paper of a backboard with ice hanging on it. What they really showed is how icy the effort is to provide consistent decent facilities in our parks and playgrounds.

The 7th Street courts have been a fiasco since they were first built. Only when  Ralph Dorsey and the Biddy League crew run their summer league on the courts do they ever get a facelift worthy of playing outside.

Here’s a old video I did on the 7th Street Courts

I did a blog post a few years back on a summer Saturday morning with photos of many of the Chester courts – all of them were empty. I compared that to the days when I was a kid and we were hard pressed to find a court to play on because the older guys were on all the courts.

It’s a different day and time for outside basketball. The good players prefer to play indoors and the outside courts are poorly maintained.