As one always looking for new ways to communicate, podcasting is my new frontier.

Obviously, I’ve stepped out of the community journalism space to offer my insight and expertise on a topic that’s near and dear to my heart – Water!

The Dirty Water Dude is targeted to anyone who drinks water and seeks practical solutions to obtaining clean, safe drinking water.

I was inspired to launch this podcast after failing to find an existing podcast that spoke to the average person. There are less than a dozen water related podcasts and just about all of them are for water treatment professionals. No one was speaking a language most of us would understand, as engineers are talking to scientists, who are talking to lawyers, who are talking to executives, who are talking to entrepreneurs.

My other inspiration is the disaster in Flint, Michigan. I am horrified at how the media presented the issues that did nothing but scare people without offering hardly any solutions.

Some of the topics that will be covered are:

  • How and why to buy a water filter for the home
  • The good, bad and ugly of bottled water
  • What the government considers clean, safe water
  • Tap water versus well water
  • Is lead really a problem?
  • Water for good health

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Soon, will be available and be loaded with articles and information on the topic.