Let’s be honest. Chester’s downtown should be renamed downtrodden. The only bright spots are the street lights at night or an approaching Amtrak Acela train that doesn’t even bother to slow down to let the passengers wave to us while it makes its way to Philly, New York, or D.C. In fact, I wonder if it speeds up when it gets to Chester.

However, a quiet and steady transformation is taking place on Avenue of the States between 5th Street and the overhead train tracks near 6th Street. Roll through there on an early evening and you may catch a comedy show at Open Mikes; and off broadway play at the MJ Freed Theater; some big ballers tucked away smoking top brand cigars at The Social Club; or revelers enjoying the soon to be opened ‘Soul Street’ club.

What you may miss on that same block is a pair of young black men crafting some of the most unique furniture you’ll find anywhere. I’ll give you more on them in a later post, but for now, just know that most of their clientele is from out of the area and their space is more of a work room than a show room. But, as you pass by their huge, well lit widow, do yourself a favor and peek inside. It’s definitely the place where art and furniture collide.

I popped in on the guys last night and saw this unfinished table just sitting there begging me to take its picture…so I did. Maybe we’ll do an update when it’s complete.