If you liked The Wire, you’ll enjoy Top Boy.

It took me a couple weeks, but I finally got through the 8 one hour episodes of Top Boy on Netflix, and I want more.

Top Boy is a British urban crime drama that required me to turn on the closed captions because I don’t understand that brand of English too well, but it didn’t distract my attention at all.

Like The Wire, there’s drugs, guns, fights, cops, conspiracy, romance and drama that kept me on edge. The characters are believable which made me root for the bad guy and despise the guy going after the bad guy.

The one element of Top Boy that reminds me most of The Wire is how kids get caught up in the street life and become vulnerable when adults use them for their own benefit.

Sometimes it’s hard to imagine that people across the pond suffer with the same urban ills that we do. Top Boy made the world a little smaller for me, innit.