At the groundbreaking event held on Monday, April 17, I had the opportunity to speak with Jay Sugarman, the owner of Philadelphia Union, who expressed his excitement about the Sportsplex finally coming to fruition. He shared that it took 15 years of effort and countless small details aligning perfectly to make this project happen. Sugarman painted a picture of the positive impact the Sportsplex will have on Chester, including attracting new businesses and improving the surrounding area’s aesthetics through streetscaping.

During the event, I also spoke with a couple from Oregon who has a son in the Union’s youth academy. They recognized the logic of consolidating all of the Union’s assets in one location, and I personally am excited to see a new school built in Chester, which I believe will boost the city’s educational outcomes.

As hundreds of athletes and students begin arriving in Chester daily, residents can choose to either ignore or embrace this change. I believe that embracing it will be the wiser choice, as the new amenity will bring opportunities for businesses to offer goods and services to the influx of people coming into the city daily. 

Chester is welcoming of all new growth opportunities that bring respect to its name, and the Sportsplex is a project that the city is proud to host. Thank you, Philadelphia Union, for bringing this exciting development to the Chester waterfront. I am confident that Chester will soon learn to appreciate it!