by Terry Thomas

On Saturday, January 14, 2023, the Chester High School Boys Basketball Team under the direction of Coach Keith E. Taylor Sr won their seventh game of the season. To the fans in attendance, it was just another game but to Chester it marked the 2000th in the school’s storied history. It was announced to the crowd and the team was presented the game ball by Ron Coursey, the Chambersburg Athletic Director. In doing so, the Chester Clippers became just the 2nd high school in Pennsylvania to accomplish this fete. Reading High is the other. 

It was a process that began over a century ago dating back to 1911-1912. It took twenty-three Head Coaches with an unknown number of Assistant Coaches, Players and Managers. The Head Coaches starting back in 1911 were: Vic Boell, Lee Kuntzleman, Lee Crippen, Frank Forstburg, Pard Larkin, Babe Buono, Joe George, Ollie Robinson, Neal Harris, Johnny Abrams, Ellis Dwyer, Dutch Boyer, Jack Crawford, Dick Madison, Bob Forwood, Ron Rainey, Ray McLaughlin, Juan Baughn, Cliff Wilson, Alonzo Lewis, Fred Pickett, Larry Yarbray Sr, and Keith E. Taylor Sr. 

Unfortunately, there are just too many players to be called out individually so Congratulations goes out to them all; past and present. You made this happen.