CHESTER, PA- November 2022 – The Chester Upland School District (CUSD) recently hosted a grand re-opening for Clipper Café, a student-run eatery located inside Chester High School. 

Students enrolled in the district’s Career and Technical Education (CTE) culinary arts program, under the supervision of their teacher, Chef Rodney Harris spoke with guests about their preparation for the day, and the day’s menu which featured an impressive three-course meal for over 30 guests. 

For starters, attendees enjoyed a salad bar with fresh greens grown from the school’s Go Green Program. Next, guests were served chicken breast with fresh-herb demi-glace, rice pilaf, and fresh vegetables. To round out the meal offerings, people were offered peach cobbler or three milk cake for dessert. 

“Chef Harris and his students should be very proud of the work they put into the grand re-opening of the Clippers Café,” said Dr. Angela Thompson, Supervisor of Career and Technical Education.” The culinary arts students studied kitchen safety, and food handling and practiced other essential skills for proper food service. They demonstrated a true understanding of what is required to serve the public and to operate a successful food establishment.”  

The school’s marketing students also helped during the grand re-opening by serving as hostesses. The focus of the day was to highlight the district’s CTE programs, which include; Automotive Technology, Business Office Specialist, Cosmetology, Culinary Arts, Sports and Entertainment Marketing, Communications Technologies, and Engineering Technologies. 

Speaking during the event, Dr. Craig Parkinson, Superintendent of Schools, thanked guests for coming and spoke about the district’s desire to grow the CTE curriculum. “Our young people are very talented and this event demonstrates budding skills that will flourish with nourishment and guidance,” Dr. Parkinson stated. “We want our children to know what opportunities exist post-high-school graduation, and with the support of community partners, we can show them some of those opportunities through CTE.”

The Chester Upland School District hosted a grand re-opening of Clipper Café, its student-run eatery located inside of Chester High School at the beginning of November.


Go Green Program: 

The Go Green Program is an initiative that teaches students how to grow vegetables. Students learn different techniques to nurture and produce vegetation in the district’s greenhouse which is located at Chester High School.

Clipper Café: 

Clipper Café is a student-run eatery located on the second floor of Chester High School. 

Currently, the café is only open internally to staff for planned events. In the past, the café has been open to the public at least once per week, with meals available to the community for purchase.