If you have HULU and want to get lost in a great black crime drama focusing on the life of a female lawyer that reminds you of a grown up version of HBO’s Insecure, Reasonable Doubt could become your new guilty pleasure. 

There’s 9 episodes and my only spoiler is ‘Wait til you see Episode 9.’ 

The main attractions of this modern story based in Los Angeles are its high income black professionals, complicated family situations and friendships, law firm and courtroom intricacies, high fashion, the effects of a long prison bid, and great acting. 

The show stars the female attorney Jacqueline “Jax” Stewart who is constantly code switching between handling her business as a big time attorney, dealing with a broken family and the complications of raising a couple young teens in the process, managing the good and bad moments with her girlfriends, deciding if an old flame is an asset or liability at a confusing time of her life, coming to grips with childhood abuse and how it affects her grown up self, while trying to win a case she later wonders if it’s even worth her time. 

All the men of the show make Jax’s life a world wind of conflict, emotion, intrigue, and trouble. Easily, Michael Ealy as Damon is the most interesting character in the show. Having only seen him in the Black rom-com films, I was impressed to see how he played such a dark and troubled character who drives Jax crazy in more ways than she was ready for. The other great performance was from the billionaire business owner Jax represents in this show who has a lot going on in his life, too. 

Episode 9 is the magnificent destination where Michael Ealy steals the show. Your suspense is at its peak because there’s no way to know how the jury will decide. Even after the verdict, you’re left with an uneasy feeling knowing that the outcome is as complicated as the rest of the show. 

It takes 8 episodes to get there but it is worth the ride. The journey gets a little violent, sexy, tense, funny, and tender, which all makes for great TV. I suspect HULU will give it another season. There’s a lot more meat on that bone.