In the early 2000s, Niyonu Spann founded 4 Circles Beyond (4CB) as a youth empowerment/liberation project. In 2008, she brought the program to Chester Eastside Ministries taking a parttime position creating YouthPLACE, a program fostering peace leadership for Chester youth to help them shift destructive patterns and help increase peace within themselves, their families, and the community. 

In 2011, 4CB started the multi-week Peace, Leadership & the Arts Summer Camp for youth 13-17 years of age focusing on theater arts, creative expression, peace building and community restoration. 

On Saturday, 4CB had an open house of their beautifully renovated home at 2100 Providence Avenue in Chester where they’ll continue their programming and formulate their next big project of starting a new high school in Chester that supports their pedagogy of liberation, peace, and justice instruction while continuing their summer camp, afterschool programs and teacher training in liberation education.