I overheard someone ask, What is a SCOTUS? To some it might sound like some kind of skin rash. Acronyms like this for the Supreme Court of the United States isn’t common in all circles, but people are talking about the Supreme Court in all circles.

Do we all know the basic stuff about SCOTUS, like, what are the names of the judges and how many judges there are? I’ve had a little fun asking a few people these questions and the answers are so funny, I thought of turning some of the responses into a quiz.

The Quiz

From the list of names below, pick the current Supreme Court Justices.

  1. Elena Kagan
  2. Keegan Michael Key
  3. Neil M. Gorsuch
  4. Neil Armstrong
  5. Sonia Sotomayor
  6. Soledad O’Brian
  7. Sonia Sanchez
  8. Samuel A. Alito
  9. Samuel L. Jackson
  10. Stephen G. Breyer
  11. Clarence Williams III
  12. Clarence Thomas
  13. Colin Kaepernick
  14. Brett M. Kavanaugh
  15. Amy Coney Barrett
  16. Amy Schumer
  17. Ketanji Brown Jackson
  18. Patty Jackson
  19. Kareem Jackson
  20. LaToya Jackson
  21. John Roberts, Jr.
  22. Julia Roberts
  23. Jim Breyer
  24. Breyers Ice Cream

Hint, there are 9 correct answers.