On Friday, July 1, Chester is going to introduce Pickleball to whoever is around to check it out at Memorial Park tennis courts starting at around 10am. We’ll be joined by the women’s tennis coach from Swarthmore College, Jeremy Loomis, who has taught racket sports (tennis mainly) to Chester students in the past and contacted me to expand his reach. I mentioned Pickleball and he said Chester would be a great location to launch the sport.

If you never heard of Pickleball, don’t feel bad. I discovered Pickleball last summer walking around downtown Norfolk, Virginia when I stumbled into a bunch of people playing a game I had never seen before. I watched until a game ended and called the two players over and asked, What is this game? They said Pickleball. (Yes, I thought it was a silly name, too).

Watching them play made me want to try it because it looked easy and something an old man like me could enjoy without killing myself.

Tomorrow will be my first time playing Pickleball. I’m looking forward to seeing if the game is as fun to play as it looks.

Come join us if you can and learn together why Pickleball is the fastest growing sport in the United States.