Hopefully, by the time you read this, Trina will no longer be the scheduled headliner at the City of Chester’s 4thof July event. The word just started getting out yesterday and the blowback has been strong on the socials. 

Known for making controversial compositions which contain sexual and profane lyrics, Trina is not family friendly in any way, shape, or form. In fact, she’s probably the most profane of all the women rappers. You can’t even clean up her lyrics because the same message comes across even if the profanity is bleeped out or replaced. 

As Director of Public Property and Recreation, the 4th of July Celebration should be planned and budgeted in my department. Somehow, recreation related events continue to bypass my department, and, in this case, Mayor Thaddeus Kirkland is sponsoring this event. He didn’t chat with me or any other City Council member that I know of. No one in my department is responsible for selecting the headliner, that I know of. 

I just want the record to be clear the I have nothing to do with planning this event. I strongly recommend no parent bring their children to this event. I’m embarrassed and highly disappointed by this event. 

For years, I’ve said Chester needs to work on its reputation management. Hiring Trina Da Baddest Bitch as a headliner on the 4th of July event is a serious lapse of judgement and responsibility. How can anyone take the city serious after this nonsense? 

Honestly, I don’t even approve of paying for fireworks when the city is on the brink of bankruptcy, but again, no one asked me. Harrah’s ain’t doing fireworks, The Philadelphia Union ain’t doing fireworks. Why are we doing fireworks? 

Hopefully, by the time you read this, Trina – Da Baddest Bitch, will no longer be the scheduled headliner at the City of Chester’s 4th of July event. If she is cancelled, it’ll go down as another bad spending decisions for the city because I’m sure Trina is not required to give her deposit money back.

We’ve got to do so much better!