Act 101 is a state-funded program, sponsored by the Pennsylvania Higher Education Assistance Agency (PHEAA) for Pennsylvania residents. The program is designed to provide educational support services, strengthen academic skills and enhance confidence in the student’s ability to achieve. 

The Act 101 Program began on the campus of Delaware County Community College (DCCC) in 1974. For over 40 years Act 101 has been offering DCCC students the support and services outlined below. Year after year Act 101 students who participate in this program become confident students completing associates’ degrees, and transferring to 4 years schools to complete bachelors, masters, and doctoral degrees. Our students secure careers in various industries including business, healthcare, law, education, public policy, etc. Students report how participating in Act 101 and the support services they received provided them with skills to make better decisions, improve time management, effective communication and planning with a commitment to their own future success. 


The Act 101 Summer Program is an intensive, tuition-free, 7-week summer bridge program geared to making your transition to college life a smooth and meaningful experience. The program is designed to enhance the skills you need for your academic success and individual growth.  Qualified students must purchase textbooks for Summer Bridge Program.

The program includes:

Courses:Developmental ReadingDevelopmental English (includes Speech)Basic or Developmental Mathematics
Tutoring:Structured lab sessions with professional tutors are required for each course:Study Skills to aid in better reading, organizing, notetaking, time management and test taking.Computer use and word processing.
Counseling:Both group and individual sessions to explore career and personal development.
Cost:Tuition-free for eligible students.

STEPS FOR APPLYING to DCCC’s Act 101 Program

Apply to DCCC (

Schedule and take the DCCC Placement Test (610-325-2776) 

Apply for financial aid at

Apply to the Act 101 program

Academic – Prospective students must take the DCCC Placement Test. Program participation is based upon test results in the following three courses:

Development English — ENG 050

Developmental Reading — REA 050

Basic or Developmental Math — MAT 025 or MAT 050

Economic Eligibility  is based upon adjusted gross family income. Apply for financial aid via    Please note: Act 101 grant money cannot be used for tuition or textbooks.  
Program cannot provide financial support.


Academic advising/counseling support services – Students meet with the same advisor for academic advising and counseling support from day 1 until graduation. This allows students to feel comfortable meeting with a counselor who knows them. We offer an open door, judgement free space. We accept appointments and walk ins.

Professional counselors in the Act 101 Program work both individually and in groups to provide help in the following areas: One Stop Resource for Act 101 Students

Orienting students to the College and the Act 101 Program

Academic advising and course selection

Assisting students in values clarification and self-concept development

Assisting students in career planning and decision-making

Personal counseling, Financial Aid counseling and Transfer Counseling

Laptop loans


Free tutoring services are available for all Act 101 students.

Provided by professional, experienced staff who encourage students to become independent learners

Summer Program: tutoring lab sessions are required.

Fall and spring semesters: tutoring is scheduled at student’s convenience.

Laptop computers are available for loan each semester. 

Study Skills workshops and individual sessions in time management, note taking, memory techniques, and test taking are available each semester.

If you cannot attend the Summer Program, you can join us for the fall semester.  Students who enter in the fall or spring semesters receive free tutoring, academic advising and counseling services only. Tuition must be paid by the student.

Text Box: For more information, please call Act 101 at (610) 359-5388

NOTE: I could not have been admitted or completed my studies at Villanova if it were not for the ACT-101 program. I’m a huge fan of ACT-101. Stefan Roots