Since I’m not paid to perform, I never look at stats until this time of the year when I do the annual Year In Review post for this blog. Thanks to a few big events occurring this year, a lot less blog posts were published than the year before resulting in lower stats all around the board.

I put up 480 posts this year compared to 664 posts last year.

If you like numbers and stats, chew on the data below. 


Total views 133,469 (down from 259,155 in 2020).

Total visitors 57,870 (down from 128,651 in 2020).

Total comments 784 (down from 1,534 in 2020).

TOP 10 VIEWED POST (2 post were from a previous year)

  1. Any black male high school seniors want to go to Med School ? 
  2. DELCO DA announces arrest of 2nd juvenile in Chester double homicide 
  3. More questions than answers with the Chester-Upland School District receiver appointment
  4. Look who doesn’t pay taxes: Ridley Marina, the Springfield Country Club, and the Solid Waste Authority 
  5. Earn $20 as an Emergency Medical Technician in a 3-month class held at Crozer Medical Center
  6. Chester-Upland names new Receiver
  7. What is that construction project on Rt 291 & Highland Ave?
  8. Can you ‘Turn on Red’ when told to ‘Wait for Green?’ (Jan 2017)
  9. Is there anything worth preserving in Chester ?
  10. Rev Horace Strand throws shade at me from the pulpit
  11. Chitlins may be a COVID-19 early detection tool (March 2020)
  12. Chester Stormwater Authority will take your house if you don’t pay soon

REFERRERS (How people find the blog)

Facebook – 30,699 (119,871 in 2020)

Search Engines – 26,715 (33,779 in 2020)

Twitter – 1,940 (2,429 in 2020)

#1 SEARCH TERM on the Internet connecting reader to the blog

Stefan Roots Blog

# of PEOPLE FOLLOWING Chester Matters Blog

432 (up 40 from last year)