When Todd Strine isn’t serving as a campaign manager for Stefan Roots, he’s heading Keystone Quality Transport (KQT), the largest privately owned, locally operated ambulance company in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania providing a variety of emergency and non-emergency ambulance, paratransit and dedicated shuttle services to hospitals, skilled nursing facilities, adult day care and behavioral health programs.

In these days of the ‘Great Resignation,’ Strine partnered with Crozer-Chester Medical Center to create an Emergency Medical Technician school in order to identify, train, certify, and hire EMTs at Keystone Quality Transport. KQT company hires over 400 people mostly operating out of their fleet of 130 vehicles performing over 100,000 transports a year, and they are constantly hiring. 

For those who want to see vocational training come back to Chester, this is essentially a vocational medical training curricula conducted right here at our neighborhood hospital. 

I was invited to attend the inaugural class graduation last week where I met the 10 students who went through the program along with the instructors and staff from Crozer who work together to conduct the class. 

Those with certificates are the students from the first graduating class of Crozer Health’s EMT Program sponsored by Keystone Quality Transport

What’s so unique about this EMT training program is that it’s held right in Crozer’s Simulation Center, a first-class facility where Crozer health professions come to train on methods, equipment and techniques required to do their jobs effectively. As a KQT student, you get to learn and intern right alongside Crozer professional in the hospital setting experiencing real situations with real patients. 

Todd String has created unique incentives for EMT training with KQT/Crozer that are far more attractive than the other training programs I’ve seen. 

First, he pays each student’s full tuition, books, tutoring, and uniforms. Student also receive a $100 stipend each week they attend classes. They can also work for KQT on the days they aren’t in class as a driver’s aid on an ambulance or transit vehicle. And, upon completion of the program and passing national registry, students will be promoted to the position of Full Time EMT-B, and receive extensive in-house training earning $20/hr. And, graduates from Crozer’s Health EMT Program will have the opportunity to apply 62 college credits toward a Bachelors of Health Science degree at Widener University. 

With all that’s offered, once word gets out, this will be the most sought after EMT training class in the area. Apply now and you’ll likely get a seat in the next class. I don’t expect that will be the case in the near future. 

They are looking to conduct 3 to 4 rounds of classes each year that vary in duration of 9 and 18 weeks. The same material is covered in both classes, so the 9-week class is more intense and designed for student up to the academic rigors of the faster pace. 

Crozer Medical Center provides the training and classroom space in their Simulation Center with access to their instructors. Thanks to the KQT classes, Crozer has agreed to purchase three Hi-Fi Simulation Mannequins to add to the center and the students will have access to study on them. They cost $100,000 each and are the closest thing to a Westworld robot I’ve ever seen. I’m willing to bet no other EMT class comes close to the resources the student receive from the classes at Crozer – and it’s all free to the students that qualify. 

As a certified EMT, you will provide essential emergency and urgent care to patients until you get them to the hospital. Your job will be to get the individuals as stable as possible before and during transport. 

Almost everyone considering a career in the medical profession value EMT training. Since you will be interacting directly with patients and get a chance to provide hands-on care, working or volunteering as an EMT counts as clinical experience. Having this experience under your belt and excelling at it can show medical and nursing schools you can perform under pressure, communicate effectively with patients in distress, and manage a challenging schedule. 

For more information on the Crozer Health’s EMT Program, email stacey.wigent@crozer.org. 610.447.2737. www.crozerkeystone.enrollware.com

They awarded Todd Strine, owner of Keystone Quality Transport, a certificate too.