It’s been brought to my attention that the Chester Stormwater Authority is putting liens on property owners that refuse to pay their stormwater bill. Since late October, there are over 450 such liens listed on the county website and they seem to be increasing almost every day. 

If you receive a letter from the Delaware County Court of Common Pleas, please open it and take action right away. Really, the only action to take is to pay your bill. To get it done immediately, I suggest you pay online at If you can’t pay online, your next best bet is to sit on the steps of the Chester Stormwater Authority until someone unlocks the door to open for business and give them your money and get your receipt. Actually, I don’t even know if they take payments at the Chester office but it’s urgent you pay that bill right away, even if it means paying for Express Mail at the post office. 

The very short letter from Delaware County only has one sentence that reads… NOTICE IS GIVEN UNDER PENNSYLVANIA RULE OF CIVIL PROCEDURE NO. 236 THAT A JUDGMENT IN THE ABOVE CASE HAS BEEN ENTERED ON 12-10-2021.

What will likely happen very soon to those of you who continue to refuse to pay the Chester Stormwater Authority bill is a process that will cost you a lot more to pay your bill in order to save your property. The next letter you receive will likely have all kind of fees tacked on in order for you to get out of delinquency.

Some of the fees you’ll see are collection fees including preparation fee, bookkeeping fee, and payoff fee, and then a long list of legal fees like the first letter fee, the file lien fee, the prepare Writ of Scire Facias fee, the prepare and present motion fee, the Writ of Execution fee, the attendance at sale fee, and the services not covered fee charged at $75 to $250 and hour…and so on, and so on. Depending on the work they have to do, the fees could amount to well over $1000. 

I wouldn’t suggest trying to appeal to the Chester Stormwater Authority trying to get out of paying your bill for one simple reason: they have a clause in their appeal process that stays…In order to appeal, you must have at least paid one month’s payments prior to the appeal. And then there will be scheduling issues and other likely delays. By the time you try your futile appeal, the lien will be in full effect with no turning back. 

If you haven’t been paying your Chester Stormwater Authority bill, you probably received a letter from them that says…

Dear Property Owner:

The Stormwater Authority of the City of Chester (SAC) has been mandated by the State of Pennsylvania to remediate storm water runoff in the city. As such, by authority of the Pennsylvania Municipal Authorities Act. The SAC is entitled to charge reasonable fees to the property owners of the city. Failure to pay said fees will result in late payment status and additional fees as well as referral to a collection agency. Non-payment of fees could also have adverse repercussions regarding your credit rating. Additionally, failure to pay stormwater fees may also cause the Authority to place a lien on your property which could result in foreclosure. We believe that the Stormwater Authority’s fee schedule is more than reasonable and hope that you will reconsider your refusal to pay your fee. However, if you still wish to appeal your bill, you must first pay your current bill, then request in writing, an appeal hearing with the Authority.

You have 3 choices: 1. Hurry up and pay your bill in full which should be around $500 if you’re a homeowner that never paid. 2. Take your time and get hit with enormous fees on top of what you owe the Chester Stormwater Authority then pay. 3. Do nothing and try to find a new place to live. 

Based on the quick view of cases I’ve looked at, the landlords are running to get their bills settled. I highly recommend residential property owners do the same.

You can find information on liens and other cases involving the Stormwater Authority of Chester as follows: (Delaware County, Pennsylvania (

Select public access along the top menu

Select civil

Select continue as public user

Select Case Search

Using drop down menu on top menu (left side) select Party Search

Type in “Stormwater Authority of the City of Chester” as Party Name – You can also search “Stormwater” and yield, for now, a similar result.