While the world watched the courts preserve Kyle Rittenhouse’s right to walk the streets with a AR-15 in the middle of a street protest, about 500 men and women of the cloth converged on Brunswick, Georgia in support of Ahmaud Arbery and in defiance of the judge who want’s no part of black pastors in his court room.

Only the Black News Channel is bringing this important and historic Arbery trial to TV with extensive coverage. The pastor coverage could prove to be the most impactful statement because it demonstrates the power of the black church when it uses its power collectively for a cause. 

I can’t tell you the last time I’ve seen a display like this. Unfortunately, the black church is losing a lot of significance in black communities across America. With the most dedicated parishioners aging out, there’s little attracting the younger generation to fill in the gaps. Black community churches are losing members, money, and clout.

Could a display of over 500 clergy men and women gathering at the Arbery trial demonstrate to young people how the black church can come together for important causes of justice in our communities? Or does this only happen in high profile cases and isn’t duplicated down to the local level where local pastors have an opportunity to gather and make a statement, but don’t. 

Will this be a one-and-done display on the national level and not filter down as an example to local black churches, their pastors and congregations, on how important it is to be like the black church of old that came together to lead communities to obtain justice, food, resources, respect, and education?

While folks are tripping over the Rittenhouse verdict in Wisconsin, our black pastors are gathered to support one of our young men killed while taking a jog on a lonely road in Georgia. Here in Chester, what will it take to get a few pastors together for a cause? I’ve seen individual pastor doing good things, but is there a collective black clergy of Chester anymore?

If so, come out and show yourselves. Let the pastors showing up for Arbery be an example of the type of support we’d like to see in our own city. 

Check out Chester’s Dray Clark’s coverage for the Black News Channel below.