Maybe because Ahmaud Arbery didn’t get killed by a cop nearly 3-months before George Floyd was killed by a cop, the only sustained protest for Arbery is in his home town at a scale too small to measure when compared to the worldwide protest on behalf of George Floyd. Arbery’s trial isn’t capturing the attention of America like George Floyd’s did either. 

The small news clips and newspaper reports I’ve read on the ongoing Arbery trial sounds crazy to me. For a more in-depth peek of what’s going on in Brunswick, Georgia, I’ve tuned to the Black News Channel’s Dray Clark who has been on sight from the jury section on. The information and images Dray is sharing on BNC is like none other.

Dray Clark has been busy following the big trials since joining BNC. He did great work at the George Floyd trial and barely got a chance to unpack his bags before he was assigned to cover the R. Kelly trial. In each instance, BNC brought the best insight to what was going on with their dedication to following these trials. 

Personally, Arbery’s situation breaks my heart because he didn’t commit a crime. R. Kelly has been rumored to taking advantage of young females for ages and George Floyd paid for his merchandise with an alleged counterfeit $20 which prompted the store owner to call the police. But, Arbery was out for a jog. 

Maybe I’m a little too sensitive to this because for years when I see white folks out for a jog, I see people out for a jog. But, when I see black folks out for a jog (which occurs far fewer times than I see whites out for a jog) I wonder if others see a guy out on a little fitness regimen or someone running away from a crime. I actually fear for the black jogger because I know how quickly things can get construed. 

And then Ahmaud Arbery happens. 

As I watch Dray’s coverage, I get a first hand view that no other outlet is giving me. Dray shows me the protesters in the streets in the little southern town and creates a platform for those people to have a voice. Dray shows us the town’s folks attempts to shut down the street protesters as I watch in total disbelief how they total dismiss the protesters as a nuisance with no cause to express themselves. 

Now, the trial has started and the defense attorney has gone so far as to ask the judge to not allow black pastors in the court room as over 100 of them have shown up to support Arbery and his family through this ordeal. Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson have made the trip to Brunswick, GA and the defense attorney is trying to call their presence juror intimidation. 

Dray is on sight bringing the best coverage of the Arbery trial you’ll find anywhere. It’s not a ‘big-deal’ case to the major networks. They’re skimming over the factors that concerns me most. Thanks to Dray Clark and the Black News Channel, those who have the desire and comportment to deal with biased courtroom behavior, tune in to BNC or follow their YouTube channel – which is excellent. 

Here’s a clip of Dray reporting on the black preachers in the courtroom…