On Saturday, November 13 at 7pm, Chester’s MJ Freed Theater plays host to the World Theatrical Premiere Event of the film GAME DAY, a locally-made independent feature film about a family of Eagle fans who always enjoy good food, drinks and Eagle’s football every Sunday… until this Sunday. When you watch the movie trailer, you even wonder if they even get through the game with all the drama going on in that living room.

According to the film’s press release, GAME DAY is a true, raw, humorous, and emotionally gripping home-town Philly story for our time about a family that fights passionately among themselves but never gives up on each other. As if an Eagle’s game itself isn’t enough to drive you to the edge, on this particular game day Sunday, as each quarter of the game unfolds, arguments, fights, and bitter realizations arise within the family, exposing deep divisions and rivalries that turn child against parent, husband against wife, with grandparents and siblings battling it out until the bitter end. After reading that description, for the sake of the family, you kinda hope the game doesn’t go into overtime.

Film producers Pete Postiglione and Val McAdoo, who are also founders of the Actors Co-Op in Swarthmore, have recently partnered with Chester native, Devon Walls, owner of The Artist Warehouse and a founding member of Chester-Made. This partnership led to the co-producers choosing Walls’ MJ Freed Theater for the theatrical World Premiere.

Tickets to attend the premiere of “Game Day” are available for $20 via GameDayTheMovie.com or under “Game Day Movie Premiere” on Eventbrite.com.

Each ticket holder will be treated to the red carpet, comedy, food, drinks and a reception gala with the cast and crew. Doors open at 6 p.m.

Devon Walls