On another gorgeous Saturday at the Chester High School Athletic Field, the 7-0 Chester Clipper football team faced their biggest challenge of the year against the formidable Coatesville High School before the largest crowd of the year spectating from both sides of the field – and from the folding chairs along Concord Road. 

There was an obvious clash of styles between the two athletic teams as Coatesville’s players stacked up larger and heavier than Chester who are sleeker and faster. There was also a clash of styles among quarterbacks. Coatesville’s QB ran for 100 yards to Chester QB’s 49, but Chester’s QB threw for 207 yards to Coatesville QB’s 84. 

For the first 3-quarters each team scored a touchdown but Coatesville eked out two touchdowns to Chester’s one TD in the final quarter. That was the difference in the 34-28 Coatesville win.

Will Smith’s touchdown reception in the 4th quarter was celebrated all the way to the running track

Chester’s Mr. Excitement, Will Smith, put on another exciting performance highlighted by a long kickoff return for a touchdown to start the second half that started off nervously as a dropped ball but ended up reminiscent of something you’d see from Billy Whiteshoes Johnson who just happened to be making an appearance up the road at the Widener University Homecoming game.

The other Mr. Excitement was Tom-Tom shown here tossing warmup passes to the crowd just in case Chester’s QB Isaiah Freeman needed a breather

Chester’s fortunes could have resulted in a win if it weren’t for a couple nervous penalties late in the game, a few missed tackles, the inability to prevent a couple long kick off returns, and a couple questionable calls from the referees. But, all this happens often at this level of football and adds to the suspense of the outcome.  

During halftime, Chester businesswoman Rasheedah Carter Myers Lee presented a $10,000 check to Chester’s head coach Ladontay Bell that she help collect in one week from residents and businesses around the city. That was the win.

$10,000 check

Chester’s schedule this year has had an unusual number of home games with one more next Saturday morning at 11am against Chichester. They deserve another big crowd for the last game of the season to cheer on one of the most successful football seasons Chester High has had in the history of the program. There’s a good chance we’ll get a bonus game or two as Chester will likely make the District playoffs. That’s another win. 

I know I’m in the minority around Delco among football fans, but I’ll take a Saturday morning game at 11am over a Friday night game, anytime, anywhere. I hope Chester never installs lights on the A-Field. If it makes sense for colleges to play on Saturdays, and pros to play on Sundays, who came up with the bad idea to play high school football on Friday night around here? It’s too cold. It’s too dark. It’s too late. 

But, it’s not too late to see Chester High football play one more Saturday morning game next weekend. It’s the best entertainment in the city. 

It was tied at halftime and 12 seconds later it wasn’t tied thanks to a 75-yard kickoff return by Will Smith to start the 2nd half