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Earlier today Facebook went offline and many of my readers are having a fit. Chester is one of those cities that loves Facebook. For a lot of people around here – ‘Facebook is the internet.’

I absolutely hate that the vast majority of the traffic to my blog posts are a result of putting all blog posts on Facebook. I learned early on that folks prefer not to subscribe to the blog to receive emails of every blog post. Most don’t visit to read the posts. But once I finally gave in to Facebook, readership exploded. from 2020 showing what got folks to the blog posts

Right after Facebook went public in 2012, followed in 2013 by changing their algorithm to weight user’s interactions to determine what they see in their feed, most people only saw the popular posts. For posts to show up on timelines, Facebook’s strategy is for you to pay them. You only have to give them a little money and they do a great job of reaching who you want to reach with your content. I choose not to pay Facebook for posts.

It’s still funny to hear people tell me they never see my posts, because I realize what they’re really saying is they never see my posts on Facebook because Facebook doesn’t put them on their timelines.

It’s sad that ‘Facebook is the Internet’ at a time when there’s never been more people connected to the Internet through their smartphones. When Facebook goes down, a lot of people become disconnected to the World Wide Web when a browser is sitting right in their hands.

Folks will be going through some serious withdrawal until Facebook returns.