Chester City benefits greatly with a strong relationship with Delaware County Council. As the county’s only city, a strong Chester creates an even stronger Delco.

I open the Daily Times this morning and read that County Council candidate Joe Lombardo questions our current council for spending $50,000 to help with a one time cut of Chester City parks with no regard for our depleted public works staff, the poor working condition of our equipment, or the public health impact of high grass. In the same article, Joe expresses his distain for a county health department because he says it will take away fees from municipalities with no regard for the people with the largest health disparities in the county here in Chester.

Sadly, even some Chester people don’t recognize the value County Council has to help Chester become a strong city again.

I believe the Chester voters are a lot more politically engaged thanks to a recent election here and are paying attention to the County Council election. Now they know Joe Lombardo won’t be a friend to Chester.