On Wednesday, October 6 at 6pm, Delaware County Council is voting for one new member to join the Delaware County Solid Waste Authority (DCSWA). Both Stefan Roots and Chester Mayor Thaddeus Kirkland are candidates. 

Kirkland wants the DCSWA to continue burning all of Delaware County’s trash in Chester as they’ve done for the last 30 years. Roots does not. 

But, there’s one thing Kirkland and Roots do agree on; there absolutely needs to be a representative on the Solid Waste Authority from Chester. Since the SWA formed in 1954, there’s no evidence anyone from Chester has been on their board, and there certainly has never been a person of color on their board. It’s way past time to change both of those oversights. 

Over 540 supporters signed a petition for Stefan Roots’ selection to SWA. I’m seeking a few of you willing to come to Media on Tuesday or Wednesday in person and voice a public comment in support of my appointment in front of County Council members for them to select me on the Solid Waste Authority.

Come share a short 3-minute public comment at either the Agenda meeting (Tuesday, October 5th at 10AM) or at the County Council public meeting (Wednesday, October 6th at 6PM). Both meetings will be held at the Council Meeting room located in the Government Center in Media, PA. Folks from outside of Chester City are encouraged to provide pubic comments, too.

I’ve raised awareness of the Chester trash issue at many County Council meetings this summer and was joined by many others who support Chester’s desire for the County Council members and the Solid Waste Authority to begin to find alternatives to burning trash in Chester. My action helped spark the 4-hour public hearing on Delaware County trash at County Council last Thursday night because they saw the need to take the discussion out of their regular Council meetings and into a dedicated forum where all sides could be heard.

Come tell County Council on Tuesday morning or Wednesday evening that you want to see a Chester resident on the Solid Waste Authority who is educated, passionate and concerned about a better quality of life for Chester and its residents. 

I want to stop Delaware County’s trash from being burned in Chester. That goes a long way to getting us there. Your comments at County Council this week will make the difference.