Chester High School sports added one more situation that will make people say “I was there!” There have been 3 of these moments in the past 2 years. 

1 – In October 2019, folks almost lost their minds when Chester’s Darron Miller returned a fumble 38 yards for a touchdown with 1:12 to play to upset Academy Park at the A-Field.

2 – In March 2020, Zahmir Carroll hit a buzzer beating off balance 25 foot 3-point shot against Simon Gratz at the Cardinal O’Hara gym in the State quarterfinals game.

3 – Yesterday, Chester’s Isaiah Freeman’s tossed a perfect 30-yard touchdown pass to William Smith with 1 second left to defeat Interboro at the A-Field. 

Unfortunately, there weren’t many people there at either football game to witness our team’s heroics. What will it take to get Chester folks back in the stands to watch our football team on Saturday mornings? Is the 11am start time too early? Has football lost favor among the locals? Is $5 too much for a ticket?

Chester High’s football team is now 4 wins -0 losses as they start league play with 4 of the next 5 Saturday’s games played at the A-Field. You’ve got to come out at least once to show your C-Pride.

Chester was expected to defeat Interboro easily, but it was obvious by half-time that Interboro came to play. Interboro led by a touchdown at the half and went up by 2-touchdowns in the second half before Chester launched their comeback. The teams looked evenly matched as they both had a lot of great plays, a few bad plays, and some help from the refs. 

It’s easy to criticize referees in close games. Sometimes their view on the field isn’t the same as ours in the bleachers, and without the luxury of instant replay, we have to rely on their judgement. 

The two plays that stood out to me worked out in favor of both teams. One was a late game interception by Chester that was called back for pass interference which had me scratching my head. The other was the play that gave Chester the 1-second to get the last play off when it looked like the game was over and all zeros were on the score board. Chester would have probably won if the interception wasn’t called back and Interboro would have won if the refs didn’t put 1-second back on the clock allowing for the game winning touchdown. It was one of those kinda games. 

Congrats to the Clippers. See you next week.