Delaware County’s popular Delco Green Ways Grant Program is now accepting applications for Grant Round 2 through September 17

The grant program, Delco Green Ways makes funds available to municipalities for projects that advance the County’s 2035 Open Space, Recreation and Greenway Plan goalsCONSERVE, ENHANCE, CONNECT. Delco Green Ways has been lauded for its ease, propelling communities to get wish-list projects funded and completed. Good news: this easy grant program just got easier!

Building upon the success of the first grant round, Grant Round Two has been further tailored to meet the unique needs of Delaware County’s people and places. Enhancements made were driven by the guidance of the Delco Green Space Task Force (GSTF), which was convened in 2021 by County Council. The Task Force is comprised of thought-leader volunteers who represent the fabric of Delco and share expertise in the fields of green space preservation, natural lands conservation, parks and recreation management, fundraising, economics, business, real estate, law, health, communications, and community organizing. This group has been tasked with guiding the County’s vision and policy direction for green space.

“This is an incredible program to help fund and complete municipalities’ wish-list projects and an opportunity to do something transformative for your community and help unify Delaware County’s green spaces, trails, parks and people,” said Delaware County Councilwoman Elaine Schaefer. 


  •  No match required –– use your Green Ways funds to be the match for other grant opportunities
  •  Non-profits can apply with a municipal partner
  •  Mini-Plan grant opportunity to expand and support planning efforts
  •  CONSERVE projects for conservation easements now require public benefit, versus public access
  •  ENHANCE projects now allow 15% of the total project cost to be used for planning and design
  •  CONNECT projects for trail engineering to allow up to $250,000 cap
  •  Inclusion of the Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission (DVRPC) Indicators of Potential Disadvantage (IDP) scores to support communities in need

Delaware County Council is committed to investing in projects that advance the County’s 2035 Open Space, Recreation and Greenway Plan goals: CONSERVE, ENHANCE, CONNECT. These investments strengthen our communities and yield social, health, environmental and economic returns that promote a more unified and equitable countywide system. Driven by the County’s theme of UNITY, Grant Round 2 will incentivize partnerships and multi-municipal plans to help build capacity and shape a culture which advances the County’s green space, trails, and parks as a unified system. We want to propel your community’s potential.

The application period opens August 27 and closes September 17Awards will be announced by October 20. You can contact or 610-891-5200 with any questions.

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