The front page story in today’s paper describe the tragic shot that killed the 8-year old after the Academy Park football game may have come from a police officer. 

The District Attorney is quoted as saying…

“In response to the gunfire, the police officers discharged their service weapons.”

Most of us understand what the DA said, but if they asked the average person on the street what happened, it would probably go something like this…

‘They were shooting in the direction of the cops and the cops shot back.’

As the guy who tries to translate, dissect, and breakdown newpaper-ese into everyday language we can all understand, lawyers and law enforcement have a language all their own. We hear it so much on TV and movies we get used to it, even it we don’t understand it sometimes. 

I’m still trying to understand how the I-95 highway became a corridor; how a rain shower becomes a rain event; the difference between a perpetrator and a bad guy; and what it means when Ronny is the de facto leader of the party? Regarding Ronny, I’d write he’s actually, or in fact, the leader of the party. 

People seem to like reading my interpretations of articles I find in the newspapers. I never considered until recently that my versions amplify their versions in such a way that folks will react to my versions and not the original source it comes from. Maybe it’s because they didn’t understand the newspaper’s classic journalistic prose (I’m mean style of writing).

I’ll never get an ‘A’ for grammar, but who’s grading my posts anyway. No matter what brings you back to this blog, thanks. I try to keep it simple.