I awake to the morning headlines of a shooting tragedy at Academy Park High School after a Friday night football game. How sad. 

I’m surprised how surprised people are when I tell them I don’t like Friday night football. I believe the tradition started in the south to offset the brutal heat that continues well into the autumn football season in that part of the county that made them move from day games to night games. We don’t have that same issue in the north. 

I love attending Chester High School football games at 11am on a Saturday morning. During the latter part of the season, it is cool at the start of the game, but on a sunny day after half time, I’m usually pulling off my jacket. 

Friday night is such a tough time to travel to a game – especially if it’s an away game. A lot of folks are tired after a long work week, there’s the issue of early darkness due to day light savings, and usually there’s more traffic on the road as people are getting away for the weekend on Friday nights. And, it gets really cold at night as the season progresses. It all adds up to potentially having a lot of fans not in the best mood by the time they get to the game.

And then there’s the lights themselves. Not many high schools have more than the minimum lights to play a game at night. The big problem becomes getting to and from your car as several schools I’ve been to don’t do a good job lighting up the path from the field to the car. That has the potential for all types of problems.

Maybe I’m just a Debbie Downer when it comes to Friday Night Lights, but I’m so happy Chester High School haven’t installed lights. I’m looking forward to catching a lot of their home games this season at the A-Field at the 11am or 1pm Saturday start times. That’s how I like to see high school football.