I received a bar graph representing black and white unemployment based on educational achievement. Without even looking at the chart, I prepared myself to see what I already knew – black unemployment is higher than white unemployment regardless of education obtained. Since my guy didn’t add any narrative to the graph, I figured he wanted my opinion.

Not wanting to spend much time on it, I took a quick glance and replied, “Averages about 2x after high school,” meaning that at all levels of education, unemployment for blacks nearly doubles that of whites except for those without a high school diploma where blacks are slightly less than 3 times more unemployed.

His comeback let me know that I missed a larger point, just as the guy who originally created the Twitter post. 

All I had to do is pay attention to the red arrows (which I admit to not even seeing the first time around).

What the red arrows show is how the unemployment rate for blacks with an advanced degree is nearly the same as whites with no degree.

I had to laugh at myself when I consider that I work a job with white guys with high school degrees despite having earned an advanced undergrad degree myself. 

Despite all the conclusions you could make as a result of the graph, I’m just happy to have a good paying job. 

It’s funny how a guy in my situation can be blinded by what this simple graph represents. Not so funny to know there’s not much going on to change the situation this graph represents.