School starts next week and after a long period away from the classroom, an orientation to normalcy seems quite appropriate. 

I joined the 7th grade students and parents at the Chester Community Charter School in Aston as they were introduced to their teachers, administrators and staff. Parents and students were encouraged to visit their teachers in the classrooms after the auditorium gathering. 

While there, I got a sneak peak at Jahlil Beats Academy. CCCS and Jahlil Beats have partnered to provide a music curriculum for the 21st century. Band instruments are nice to learn, but in these times so much music is digitally created and processed that it makes sense to offer students a choice on how they want to engage in the musical arts. 

A lot more will be announced soon on the CCCS/Jahlil Beats partnership. I’ll share this small spoiler…the Jahlil Beats Academy curriculum is a lot more than just making music.

Stay tuned for more.