Other than high school sports, to my knowledge, the longest running youth sports program in Chester is Biddy League basketball. Thousands of kids like myself came through the league in its many variations. The one thing that hasn’t changed is the commitment of moms and dad’s participation to keep it a safe and rewarding experience for the players, coaches, team moms, administrators, and supporters.

Another part of the tradition is the annual banquet where everyone involved come together to recognize achievement of the players and the people who support them.

One of the players on the 6-8 Year Old Championship team
Sid Russell surrounded by his friends, many from his old Lamokin Village neighborhood. He’s known as one of the best coaches Chester ever had to have never had an opportunity to apply his skills with the high school program. Not deterred, he assembled the playground legends and started one of Chester’s first travel teams very similar to what the AAU circuit does today.