Musa Abdullah heads the Chester Township Cougars football program and for the 5th year has invited youth football programs to visit Chester for a full day of scrimmage from Philadelphia, Delaware, Maryland and surrounding areas.

Teams from 6-14 years old match up to play a unique concept of football where they run 10 plays of offense then switch up to play 10 plays of defense before doing the same thing with another team of the same age group. All the teams get to play against each other in a non-score keeping contest to work on the things they need to work on as they prepare for their seasons to start next month.

There were easily a couple hundred football players, coaches, family members and spectators sprinkled throughout Sun Village Park on the East Side of Chester.

Team Mom Juvy, Coach Musa, Team mom Shavon, Coach Darryl, Team Mom Tony
The Olney Eagles from Philly