We spent a couple hours enjoying the ‘Healing Beyond Bullies and Bullets’ event in Wilmington, DE meeting vendors, listening to music, and reconnecting with old friends. 

The event was put together by Elder Tyrone Johnson who heads the Churches Take a Corner (CTAC) organization that assigns individuals to monitor street corners during school days to make sure the students come and go safely to and from school. 

Ty Johnson and I checking out the lineup for the day

Vendors on display represented several state, city, and non-profit organizations that provide services for domestic abuse victims, family services, drug abuse and recovery, recidivism, and trauma care, as well as the national guard giving free COVID vaccines, the Nation of Islam, and several merch vendors. 

Delaware Department of Public Health had the National Guard giving free vaccines; Trophies for the basketball tournament; Timeless Thomas being interviewed

I ran into Ivan Thomas, Executive Director of Lease Access Comcast Channel 28 at DETV 28, and Anthony (Artoni) Flecther, creator of the graphic novel/education series ‘C-Squared Posse’ which we debuted at the Boys and Girls Club of Chester and the Chester Charter Scholars Academy a few years ago. 

I purchased the book ‘101 Things You Should Know About Jail’ from the author known as Timeless Thomas which serves as a primer for anyone who wants a first hand account of everything from being arrested, booking, bail, lawyers, processing, jail, prison, the hole, the block, and so on. This is a must book for young folks to get because once you go through the process, it’s too late to learn the tips, insights, and coping mechanisms you’ll need to endure a night in jail or a long stint up state. 

I look forward to sharing some of the resources offered in Wilmington to Chester as they are dealing with most of the same issues we face here. One group said they did work in Chester a few years back and was discouraged when they learned they had to discontinue because they weren’t from Chester.

That nonsense has to stop!!!

I helped arrange for them to get the TV Truck we used during the City Council campaign. Shown here is an ad for the street captain community program M.O.B (Man on the Block – Mom on the Block)