The federal moratorium on evictions ended on Saturday and started again on Tuesday for some counties and could start later in other counties once they determine if their county is experiencing substantial and high levels of community transmission of COVID.

As I heard last night in the Delaware County Council meeting, they haven’t determined what exactly ‘substantial’ is and don’t know yet if our county has enough COVID spreading around to keep the eviction moratorium going or not. In the meantime, folks are getting eviction notices as demonstrated by a furloughed Delaware County Juvenile Detention Center worker who shared public comment in the council meeting.

And even if the county isn’t experiencing an overall ‘substantial’ COVID outbreak, there are probably some areas of the county that are. My uneducated assumption is the municipalities that are likely experiencing the outbreaks are the same ones that have always experienced high levels of COVID, which, coincidentally, are the same municipalities where a lot of the evictions are pending. 

Would you join me in encouraging our county to swallow their pride and report we’re having a ‘substantial and high level of community transmission of COVID’ in order for folks to stay in their homes a little longer and maybe have a little more time to apply and receive the Emergency Rental Assistance that may prevent them from eviction? It really could be that simple. 

What a stupid response to a real problem.