I couldn’t resist the urge to visit my happy place yesterday on their first day back open after a long COVID adjusted existence being closed or partially closed for longer than I’d like to remember.

The J. Lewis Crozer Library’s doors are open again to patrons in need of the companionship of a good book; eager to get the breaking news from newspapers and magazines; required to complete a task using the computers or WIFI; instructed to get the summer reading books recommended by Chester High School; desirous of a good movie to take home for the family; looking for a place to print, fax or copy a document; or simply wanting to see the staff again like me.

Speaking of staff, because they are a few employees short of a full staff, the hours are reduced. Because stubborn COVID is still lingering, the community room is closed to the public, the computers are spread out around the library, and you can only visit the library for 1-hour.

I couldn’t help but to notice the new section dedicated to Young Adult (YA) titles and graphic novels designed to encourage the young folks to enjoy reading. I found a couple titles displayed in the African American section that caught my eye and will be next up on my Audible subscription. I even nabbed a free book off the free book cart sitting outside.

If you don’t know the local library, here’s your chance to get over there and score your free library card that opens the door to not only what’s in the building, but to all resources throughout the DELCO Library system in addition to a ton of online resources that are too numerous to list here.

Crozer Library is my happy place. Make it yours.

My next book reports.