Here’s a link to the online petition: please check it out, and sign and share if you are so inclined:

The petition period is ending soon and we’re 11 signatures short of 500. If you didn’t get around to it yet, join the other 489 people who did sign.

Thanks to the Delaware County Daily Times, the word is out on Stefan Roots putting his hat in the ring to join the Solid Waste Authority.

Why is this important? Because Delaware County currently burns all of its municipal waste at the Covanta trash incinerator in Chester. The Solid Waste Authority controls the County’s contract with Covanta, which is up for renewal next year. 

Currently, there is no representative from Chester on the Solid Waste Authority board – nor is a single one of their directors a person of color. 

It’s hard to see the status quo changing very much unless these two things change.

Perhaps that’s why Covanta has been burning the County’s trash and trash from other cities and states everyday since the 90s with less than 2% of the trash Covanta burns coming from Chester City itself. Does that sound fair?

Here’s what the Solid Waste Authority (SWA) is responsible for:

All forty-nine municipalities in Delaware County are contracted to bring the SWA all of the trash collected within their towns to a transfer stations in either Chester Twp. or in Marple. From there the trash is loaded onto transfer trailers where it is then taken to Covanta in Chester. The SWA also owns and operates a landfill in Berks County, Pa. where ash from Covanta’s burned trash goes. The SWA also has a Recycling Coordinator who is responsible for the dissemination of information to the municipalities and who aids them in the process of obtaining grant money for recycling programs. 

Being appointed to the Solid Waste Authority Board will create more transparency into what’s going on at the SWA, and give Chester residents a much needed voice in the discussion about how the County’s municipal waste is best managed. 

Here’s a link to the online petition: please check it out, and sign and share if you are so inclined:

There’s some serious momentum: in the first 3 days since the petition has been live it has already garnered over 300 signatures. With your help, we’ll get to 500 in the first week. 

Thank you!