My old next door neighbor blew through town for a couple days and happened to ride past Memorial Park where his 8 and 11-year-old sons got excited about the swimming pool. He gathered their swim gear and went back to the park so they could enjoy the water since the pool was kinda empty, even on a 90-degree day. 

He was told at the pool of the membership fee and the day fee for adults and children. Agreeing that the price was fair, he went to pay but couldn’t because they only take money orders made out to the city of Chester. 

That’s when he called me. 

Everything about his story is great except for the method of payment which prevented his kids from enjoying the pool. Something as simple as a cash box on site makes the difference between an enjoyable day at the pool and a poor reputation of park operations. 

The money order thing is so old fashioned. Where do you even buy money orders anymore? 

As my neighbor said – and I laughed out loud – ‘They seem to want to create a country club with the lil pool in the park.’ 

If I ran the parks, I’d accept cash, credit cards if you had a couple kids going in, Cash App…something other than a money order.

Let’s see if they can find a way to accept payment at the pool by the end of summer without having a parent going out to buy a $5 money order. 

It’s not too late to try something new.