Just in case you don’t follow the Chester City Democratic Committee Facebook Page, you would have seen a Facebook Post on April 13 that is identical to the Letter to the Editor in today’s Daily Times by Livia Smith. It looks like this…

As you can see, that Facebook post from April 13 got 5-Likes, 1-Comment, and 2-Shares. I guess the strategy to repurpose it as a Letter to the Editor will make it go viral on May 13.

If you take a moment and read the actual blog post she’s referring to (https://wp.me/p2kkJO-8fS) and read my response to their Facebook post (partially reveled in the image above) you will get the full story of how and why I started out as a Democrat as a teen, switched to a Republican when I lived in Colorado in the 90s to support my church member friend running for Congress, and registered as a Dem after Delaware County flipped to Dems. I could have easily corrected the part about registering at 16 on the blog post, but I make mistakes every now and then and have no problem admitting I made a mistake – instead of just making that line disappear.

Who in Chester is going to deny that my dad was right? If you wanted a job in Chester, you had to be a Republican. The city was full of Republicans for decades. There’s still a lot of Republicans in Chester. Thanks to Obama, most legacy Republicans are now Democrats in Chester. People change parties for a variety of reasons. From what I see, a whole lot more Republicans got (and have) jobs in Chester than Democrats are getting jobs in Chester. Regardless of party, there needs to be more Chester residents working in Chester.

I’d think the Democratic Party of Chester would welcome someone with my knowledge and experience to work together to solve the tough problems facing Chester. I never participated in government as a Republican because I wasn’t at a point in life I would give up my engineering career for a career in pubic service. In sports, most teams would love to have the best player available on their team. I’m still trying to understand how it works in Chester.