I’ve been a tad busy lately and in an interest to time, I’m being selective on the news stories I’m following. Last week, I just happened to be with the couple that penned the MOVE Apology that the city council of Philadelphia adopted in a resolution last year. The couple asked if I heard the University of Pennsylvania had possession of bones from the MOVE family who were murdered in the 1985 fire. 

I hadn’t heard. 

As they told me the story, I must have slipped into an altered state because for a few moments their mouths were moving but I wasn’t hearing them. I was still trying to process that someone was playing with human bones for so-called education purposes – and MOVE family bones at that.

Today, Christine Flowers writes about this tragedy. Lately, I’ve been skipping her articles but from the headline today – ‘Human Beings are not Commodities to be Used’ – I figured this would be one of those rare moments we’d agree on something. 


Somehow, Flowers maneuvered the MOVE bones story to fall second fiddle to abortion remains. I’ll admit, both scenarios are disgusting, and as I read more about the abortion side of the story, I kept telling myself that women having an abortion should be able to indicate how the aborted baby is handled. Low and behold, Flowers let me know that ‘the government had permission to use the fetal organs, because the mothers who had the abortions signed consent forms.’ 

Still, Flowers finds that while the misuse and abuse of the bones of that tragic MOVE child and the cells of Henrietta Lacks is ethically repellent, what the Obama administration did takes it to a whole new level.

She explains that what the Obama administration did is purchase fetal tissue and organs from aborted fetuses to use in medical research. She doesn’t like that tax dollars were used to purchase the organs and tissue. This is despite the fact that the mothers said it’s okay to use her aborted fetus for whatever reason the government wants to use it. 

I’m going out on limb to say that I doubt if the MOVE mothers or fathers had any say in how their baby’s bones where used for research or that any MOVE member received a single tax dollar in return for those bones. 

Yet, according to Flowers, using aborted babies is worse than stealing dead MOVE baby bones.

Damn! Flowers got me again. Why do I keep getting bamboozled into her story telling? I guess I’m just a sucker for a good headline.