Us old guys recall Earth Wind & Fire’s song ‘Build Your Nest’ from the Head to the Sky album. Almost every April at my backdoor, there’s a Robbin who comes through to build her nest right on top of the security light. 

I tell her each year that I come in and out of that door and she won’t like all the human interruptions while she’s trying to keep the eggs warm waiting for them to hatch. It’s going to be even worse when she’s trying to feed them. But, she never listens and builds her nest anyway.

I honestly believe she’s on the deed to the house along with me here. Even when I take the starter nest down several times when she tries to move in, if I’m away for 6-hours or more, she must bring a whole construction crew because that nest is complete and fully furnished in less than a day. 

We do have an understanding. Obviously, she sees me when I pull up in the driveway and flies away when I approach the back door. The tricky part is when I’m coming out the house. As a courtesy, I tap on the screen door to let her know I’m coming out before opening it. She gives me the side-eye then flies to the fence watching my every move. As long as I keep-it-stepping, she’s fine. I better not linger near the door fumbling with my keys or something – she’ll get agitated and fly around the back yard doing figure 8s.

As you can see, we’re expecting triplets. I’ll keep you posted when we crack through. Until then, the maturnity ward is only seeing visitors upon request.