I’ve been asked a lot of questions since I announced my candidacy for Chester City Council. 

People want to know 

  • why I’m running?
  • what I’m going to do once in office? 
  • and what makes me different from the other people running? 

People have no problem telling me what impacts them the most. The same things come up over and over again, and as a result, I find myself repeatedly answering the same questions and concerns from Chester folks.

Being the new guy on the candidate trail, I expect to get asked a lot of questions. They tell me they never asked these same questions to the incumbent candidates because they never see them or when they try to reach out they get no response. I think they ask me all these questions because I’m right there to ask. If the other candidates were there, they’d ask them, too.  

I also can’t help but to notice how many people ask me who I’m running against. I am absolutely amazed how many people have no idea who their city council people are by name or function, and hardly anyone knows who is up for election on May 18.

I’m not sure how widely read the Sunday Daily Times article was that interviewed the three city council candidates, but I do know the other candidates are joining us in circulating literature around some of the neighborhoods. That’s great because it prepares Chester people early to get ready for an election next month. 

Folks have asked me if there will be a debate between the candidates. The answer is probably no.

The Chester Housing Authority was willing to host a city council debate type event they labeled a ‘Discussion’ and asked if I’d make myself available for that. ‘Yes, of course I will.’

I learned this weekend that one of the incumbents got back to the Chester Housing Authority and declined the invitation for a city council candidate discussion. They said they were too busy. 

The other guys are making the point that they’re going to ‘Keep Chester Moving in the Right Direction.’ If you’re happy with the direction Chester is going, they are your perfect candidates. 

My campaign keys off of what I’m hearing from the people I encounter – ‘It’s Time for a Change.’

We don’t need a debate to see we’re campaigning from two totally different universes. 

It’s up to you to use your best judgement on whether to continue with the same old Chester City Council or to vote for change. That’s probably the closest you’re going to get to a debate.