Someone told me not to make promises while campaigning. And then I sat with Dave Burman at the Chester High School football game on Saturday and he asked me, ‘If elected, will you fix the scoreboard?’ 

Without hesitation I said, YES!

Obviously Chester City government has nothing to do with a scoreboard at the A-Field, but how hard is it to fix a scoreboard? Why does the school district have such a tough time keeping a working scoreboard at the Chester High football field?

Let’s get those smart students at the STEM Academy to put their science and technology heads together and come up with a way to keep the score board working. I’d let them borrow a city engineer and electrician if there’s one available. I think the school district employs an electrician or two. 

I felt sorry for Dave Burman up there in the bleachers doing his best to announce the game with no score board or clock, a cordless mic that kept going out, and a press box he refuses to sit in. 

I really believe we can do better!