DJ Nice will go down in history for his pandemic response of entertaining people on Instagram with dance parties. That clever concept has morphed into online presentations of similar artists performing as if it’s one ‘Verzuz’ the other. 

I’ve never attended a DJ Nice party on Instagram or watched a Verzuz performance. Although I put up a lot of content on social media, despite popular belief, I’m hardly on social media consuming content, and Instagram is one of my least likely destinations. 

When I heard the Isley Brothers and Earth Wind and Fire were on Verzuz, I was intrigued but not committed to watch. First, I don’t like watching videos, especially on mobile devices. Next, as much as I love the music of both groups, they are both well past their prime and I hate seeing old groups ruin their classics. 

Since I didn’t have anything else to do, I decided that if I can make all my technology work together, I would give it a shot. 

First, I had to find where this Verzuz thing lives on Instagram. Then there was some link and a download. Then I created some kinda of account. Then I pushed a bunch of buttons and read a load of reasons why I wasn’t seeing anything. I paused, took a deep breath, and found what else was on TV just in case my second attempt to watch EWF and the Isleys failed. 

The second time was a charm. I popped in on the chatty part with Steve Harvey and them before the music started. But, I still wasn’t going to watch on my iPad. 

I turned on the AppleTV and hit the AirPlay icon on the iPad. After a few tries it finally showed up on the big screen TV. Once I turned the sound bar on, I was in business.

I enjoyed listening to their greatest hits as played by DJ Nice and was glad they choose not to perform live. Singing along with the record was awkward at times and brought back memories of the Soul Train days. If it were a true battle, EWF did much better singing along to themselves as Ron Isley was often out of synch with the recording. However, Ernie Isley was spot on with his guitar. 

Steve Harvey served as host and often got in the way of the flow of things with all his storytelling, but he’s a big fan boy like most of us who tuned in so I’ll give him a pass. 

I watched from about 8:30 to 11pm and enjoyed the stroll through memory lane and the mix DJ Nice put together during the intermission.

The Isleys and Earth Wind and Fire are legends in the world of R&B from back in a time when musicians played real instruments, singers sang in tune with perfect harmony without any gadgetry, and lyrics had true meaning. 

I don’t know if I’ll be back on Verzuz, but I had fun last night.