While most of the county’s attention is on the fate of Chester Water Authority – especially its potential for solving the money woes of Chester City – little attention is being paid to the pending decision of the other water utility in Chester, DELCORA, and its fate related to the proposed DELCORA – Aqua merger.

The DELCORA decision seems much closer to being resolved than the CWA decision which is held up with as many as 16-cases lingering in multiple courts between Media and Harrisburg awaiting decision.

DELCORA is only waiting on the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission to approve their merger with Aqua. The PUC’s decisions is anticipated for sometime this month, but with only 3 working days left in March, chances are things may slide into April or beyond.

The latest update I’ve seen goes back to March 10 when the Delaware Valley Journal reported,

A vote on the hotly-contested sale of the Delaware County Regional Water Authority (DELCORA) to a private company was pulled at the last second from the Public Utility Commission’s planned agenda for Thursday, multiple sources tell Delaware Valley Journal. It’s just the latest example of the partisan political wrangling over this wastewater deal…

The end of the article does say, ‘Despite the last-second delay, insiders say the PUC is still likely to issue a final decision by the end of March.’

What’s the over/under odds on a decision coming before the end of March.

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Vote on Embattled Aqua/DELCORA Deal Pulled at PUC