I wonder if Steve Harvey has ever asked contestants on Family Feud to give the top 5 answers to, ‘Name a line you’ve stood in that is always long.’

Some good answers would be: Post Office; Department of Motor Vehicles; COVID vaccine; Grocery store the day before a snow storm; Liquor store on New Year’s Eve, H&R Block on April 14, or the unemployment line during a pandemic. I’m sure you have your favorites to add to the list.

If Suzy from the Dombrowski family shouted out ‘The License-to-Carry (LTC) permit line,’ Steve Harvey would probably give her that silent stare, roll his eyes, say something funny, and prepare us for the big red X to pop up on the screen.

In Chester County, Pennsylvania, in the third and fourth quarters of 2020, the demand for permits to carry concealed firearms skyrocketed and the sheriff says, ‘The increase in license-to-carry permits has escalated to the point where we cannot meet demand with one office…’

Under normal circumstance, all that means is people waiting for permission to carry a gun around would have to wait a tad longer for their paperwork to get processed, but not in Chester County Pennsylvania. 

The Chester County Sheriff’s Office (CCSO) has taken steps to double the number of applications processed.

Here’s some of the changes they’ve made to accommodate the bullet heads…

  • Added weekend hours to allow more applications to be processed
  • Added a second satellite location 
  • Adding an electronic payment method
  • Purchasing additional cameras and computer equipment, and training additional staff
  • Implementing an online appointment-scheduling system that:
    • allows applicants the ability to schedule appointments 24/7;
    • avoids the expected problems, and likely security issues, that an in-person, first come-first served system would bring, especially with the huge increase in demand of people wanting LTC permits;
    • allows CCSO to be compliant with COVID protocols and avoids having large numbers of people congregating in the lobby of the Justice Center and in and around the CCSO office;
    • frees up CCSO staff to focus on processing applications, rather than answering telephone calls to schedule application appointments.

The CCSO is looking at further methods for speeding up the processing of LTC applications, including the use of private vendors who offer online, cloud-based solutions to assist sheriff’s offices in processing gun permit applications

I am so impressed how the Chester County Sheriff – with a little creative thinking and a lot of action – has found a way to solve a problem in county government to make bullet head lives more accommodating. Let’s not forget, this is the same sheriff folks complained couldn’t handle two jobs at the same time a couple months ago. 

I hope folks at the post office, DMV, Department of Health, grocery store, liquor store, tax preparer office, and unemployment office seek her out as a consultant to solve their customer service issues. She obviously knows what she’s doing and gets things done.