I guess I’ve become the ‘I Told You So’ guy when it comes to COVID-19 predictions in Delaware County.

My latest prediction from back on Jan 20 was that Ridley Township was trending such that they’d have more COVID-19 cases than Chester soon. I started tracking them on my chart in January, and sho-nuf, Ridley Township is now confirmed with more COVID cases than Chester has accumulated since the count began.

Chester catapulted to 2nd place in the county for a while behind the untouchable Upper Darby, but Haverford Township started trending faster than Chester followed by Ridley Township. Now Chester sits alone in 4th place. That’s a good thing. (Chester has reported 72 deaths which is far more than the 29 reported in Ridley Township).

I have a hunch, when it’s all said and done, this is where the standings will remain.

I’ve heard rumors Chester City Hall, Keystone First Wellness Center, ChesPenn, and Crozer Hospital are offering COVID vaccine. When someone tells me how to get on any of those lists, I’ll gladly share it with you.